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Membrane System

Damp proofing membranes take several forms. A damp proof membrane for walls is installed in the lower courses of a wall, in order to prevent groundwater ingress through capillary action. A Plaster (Lath) membrane is physically fixed to the wall or floor with fixing plugs and is designed to be plastered over directly.

Sovereign Chemicals provide a wide range of membranes, suitable for use above and below ground on walls, floors and arched/vaulted ceilings. The advantages of using such a waterproofing system enables fast track application, especially where the intention is to protect new finishes from the effects of dampness and/or salt contamination in above ground situations, and water ingress in below ground waterproofing in areas such as cellars, basements, vaults, and tunnels.

Typical wall finishes include directly applied Sovereign Whitewall Plaster; Plasterboard Dry Lining, or timber battens, or an independent framework; or an inner lining wall. All of the above finishes can be worked on immediately after installation without waiting for drying or curing to occur. The return to use time of walls damp-proofed using a membrane system is significantly less than for other methods.

Membrane 1
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